Photo of minion

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The image shows 2 minions laughing. The picture conveys an emotion and colors are balanced properly. Blues give a cold tone while the yellow gives a warmer tone. This image is in JPG format.

Characteristics of JPG graphic format

  1. Joint photographic Expert Groups
  2. Best used for photographs
  3. Up to 16,7 million colors
  4. Cannot be animated
  5. cannot be made transparent


Photo of Homer

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The image shows Homer Simpson from the animated show The Simpsons.The picture has no background (transparent). This makes the picture very interesting since it is manipulable. This image is in PNG format.

Characteristics of PNG graphic format

  1. Portable Network Graphic
  2. Support millions of colors
  3. Support multiple levels of transparency
  4. Combines the best of GIF and JPG


Animation of Sleepy Head

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The GIF shows an animated emoji, the sleeping emoji. This animated GIF is colorful. This animation is in GIF format.

Characteristics of GIF graphic format

  1. Graphics interchange Format
  2. Best used for line art and logos
  3. Maximum of 256 colors
  4. Can be animated
  5. Colors can be configured to be transparent