Hi! My name is Aiken Quach. I am a student at Dawson college and I'm now attending my second semester in the Cinema communications program. I have always had a deep passion for photography and filmmaking. I love music weither it's playing an instrument or singing. Additionally, I learned to play the piano at a very young age. Currently, I'm teaching myself the guitar in hopes of learning to play finger style one day. Outside of hobbies, I also really care about friends and family. Whenever I have any additional free time, I like hanging out with my loved ones.

Photo of me

Here is a picture of me on the night of prom.


Photo of my passion

This picture was a photo taken by me of one of my friends. It holds a special place in my photography portfolio because it was taken on the day I convinced myself to pursue this as a career. I doubted myself for the longest time. A career in the art industry is very risky and diffult to persevere through. My parents were also not very supportive of my decision to pursue photography and film in my future studies. In addition to my self-doubt, the pressure from my parents eventually caved in. However, this picture was taken on a special day and held a special meaning also. Since the day I shared this picture, I've promised myself to continue following my dream as a fillmaker and photographer.


photo of my friends

Here are my friends. We all atented the same high school Ecole d'education International de Laval. Today, we are seperated since we study in different colleges. Most of my friends continued in health science at Bois-de-Boulogne College to pursue med school. Some went to the closest college in Laval which is Montmorrency College for transport's sake. Why did I choose Dawson? Dawson was the only English college that offered an interesting cinema program. Even though I don't have the opportunity to see my friends on a daily basis, we make sure to hang out at least once a week. However, sometimes our busy schedules interfere with our plans.

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