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Why photography?

As early as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by cameras. Since my youngest days, I have always liked being photographed. Till this day, my parents safely keep dozens of albums filled with pictures of me posing as a child. I just loved cameras. As I grew older, I would start venturing into video making a lot more. In high school, as many of our projects required video making, I would team up with friends to create short clips for our projects. Today, these projects hold a special place in my heart since they were the first ever videos I created. Whether it's video or photo, I have always had a passion for cameras. Exactly two years ago, my dad gave me a camera he bought for travelling. I instantly fell in love with taking pictures. At first, much of my work in photography was urban, street and landscape related. I would enjoy going out with friends to photoshoot the city of Montreal and its people. There was something about capturing a frame, a moment, that can never be relived again that I enjoyed so much. I remember I used to hate portrait photography. I thought it was so cliche to photograph a person's face, that there was no creativity. Fast forward a year and a half, all I do now is portrait photography. I have learned to appreciate and understand the work that goes into capturing a breathtaking portrait. As a beginner, I didn't understand the skill and creative work that went behind it. Now that I partake in it, I see why there's beauty in the art of portrait, not necessarily in photography but in painting or drawing as well. There is something about capturing the eyes, the facial expression, the emotion behind someone's face. There's beauty in it.

The future

Right now, I have one year of college left before university here in Canada. I'm looking to apply for the film production program at Concordia University. It is one of the most well known film programs in the world. Since it's very competitive and hard to get in, I'm giving my all right now to do well in school and build a great portfolio. If in the worst case, I don't get accepted in the program, I'm planning on taking a year off to travel on my own. I love travelling and I worry as time goes on, we have less time for ourselves to see the world. I would love to travel and work part time in Europe. There's so many countries to visit, so many cultures to appreciate. That's it for my short term goals. I never like planning too ahead, it takes the fun out of life...